What was cooking in YCE Catering Equipment busyChef Kitchen?

Did you know?

That almost all 18-34 year olds eat out and that over half of them do so at least weekly. A third of them eat out almost 3 times a week? That’s a lot of meals served every week!

And did you know?

That the variety of craft beers has increased by almost a half and that the demand for craft beer has pushed the UK brewery number past 2000 breweries?

In the age of upcoming casual and fine dining restaurants and booming coffee shops, most of us from time to time seek some of the classics we have been brought up or fallen in love with – where better to have a classic favourite meal or pint than at the pub. Well these guys know what a great pub should offer- Star Pubs & Bars are one of the fastest expanding pub groups in the UK and they sure have got it right with almost 200 year experience in creating great British pubs.

You may ask what makes them so special?

Well in a recent survey more than 97% of their licensees claimed they are so pleased with the help and support offered my Star Pubs & Bars that they would be even willing to open another pub!

And that’s not all. This year they have invested heavily into their pubs by funding high cost items such as ovens, fridges and grills, helping to save licensees’ capital and investment flow. These renovations have helped their licensees’ develop strong food offers. Now more than 74% of Star Pubs & Bars are offering food – the highest percentage of any national leased operator

So, what was cooking in YCE Catering equipment busyCHEF kitchen?
Star Pubs & Bars help their pubs by developing creative and appealing dishes and menus tailored to the pub markets. YCE Catering Equipment Ltd then pair up the developed menus with all the necessary minimum key equipment that is essential in the kitchen to support the pub operators when delivering to their pub guests.

YCE Catering Equipment Ltd work hand in hand with Star Pubs & Bars to achieve their overall food growth ambitions. Our part in this mission is to advise and ensure every kitchen investment has the minimum key equipment to deliver their range of food offerings just like the one they just developed in YCE Catering Equipment busyCHEF kitchen.

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