Panasonic’s Multi Stage Heating Microwaves Allow For Perfectly Timed Cooking

Panasonic-NE-1856-Commercial-MicrowavePanasonic’s Multi Stage Heating

Multi stage heating: what is it and why should you use it? When you want to cook food in a microwave oven, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t dry out, which generally happens using a manual single-stage microwaving process. Multi stage heating allows you to programme different stages in the cooking process and all at different power levels. Panasonic’s Multi Stage Heating Microwaves do just that so your product turns out fully cooked and delicious.

Using Panasonic’s Multi Stage Heating Microwaves, you can set different stages with different amounts of time and power levels so you can reduce the power level and simmer through the rest of the cooking process to maintain the temperatures you want to achieve.

How to Use

Snap-2013-09-05-at-09.06.31-300x163To use multi stage heating, you open the door and place the product you’ll be heating in the microwave – make sure you always cover your product (you don’t want any mess, do you?)! To set different stages, press the power level button. Set the first stage to the highest heat setting you want, then enter the amount of time you’d like it to last. Next, you repeat this process and hit the power level button and then enter a lower power level and set the amount of time. Repeat this process for as many stages you want, up to five different stages. Panasonic’s Multi Stage Heating Microwaves go up to stage five and have a power level as low as three.

When you press start, all the work is done and the microwave will cook your product at each power level for the amount of time you set it. Panasonic’s Multi Stage Heating Microwaves ensures that food can be cooked in a microwave, but without drying it out in the process.

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