Robotic Breakfast Chef

The Rational SelfCookingCenter is an excellent choice for breakfast production. In fact it’s really the only piece of cooking equipment you need to prepare a cooked English breakfast.

Bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast can all be grilled using the SelfCooking Center’s snack/breakfast mode. You can fry eggs in the MultiBaker’ tray, scramble eggs in a gastronorm or even grill kippers, all at the same time and with no taste transfer. It takes an average of just 6 minutes to prepare all the items you need for a cooked breakfast.

But perhaps the best part is that the SelfCooking Center is so easy to use. The intuitive, push button technology of the Rational SelfCooking Center enables kitchens to operate with fewer or less well trained staff – a situation which many operators find themselves in first thing in the morning. Using a clear, touch screen panel they can simply select the food they want to cook and the result they’re looking for – the combi does the rest.

This means that consistently high quality results can be achieved with very little training. At the same time experienced and confident users can, if they wish, control the systems themselves, selecting cooking mode, cabinet and core temperature, humidity level and time. It’s the best of both worlds.

Time saving features, such as the CleanJet+care self-cleaning system also reduces labour costs. And since the unit can be left to cook and clean unsupervised, your team can focus on more productive activities.

The SelfCooking Center can also be used for pastries such as croissants or pain au chocolat. For those who offer a continental style buffet breakfast, it can be used to prepare cooked meats, overnight if necessary.

The full range of Rational SelfCooking Center ovens can be found busyChef website.

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